Dating vintage costume jewelry Jewelry made by Chanel Novelty Company in is quite dating vintage costume jewelry. I have a piece and know nothing about it. It was called English Crepe Stone. This was short-lived as the Art Deco era moved to the forefront with its use of bolder colors and geometric designs. Dating vintage costume jewelry Vintage Costume Jewelry. Contemporary Pre- owned Costume Jewelry.

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Like most lovers of vintage clothing I also have a large collection of vintage accessories and jewelry to finish any outfit. One maker of vintage costume jewelry I seem to gravitate towards is the brand Coro. Coro jewelry comes in many different styles and tastes. From simple silver to bright rhinestones.

Gigi The Fashionista Arpege is my signature scent for life. This is the beautiful perfume I want to be remembered by after my death. This is my 2nd review of this absolutely gorgeous absolutely perfect fragrance my own personal pick for the greatest of all the vintage classics of the Golden Age of Perfume. I was not looking for her. She became my life long friend. I get emotional just talking about my feelings for this fragrance. Marilyn Monroe famously sang about diamonds being a girl’s best friend but I beg to differ.

Fragrance is a girl’s best friend. Over the years fragrances have certainly been my best friends and as the countless of fragrance reviews on Fragrantica attest, fragrances are the friends of so many of us. Arpege classified as a floral aldehyde has been around since and like Shalimar and Chanel No 5 it has stood the test of time and taken it’s place among the highest ranking fragrances of all time.

The original came in the black onyx color orbs with a mushroom style or rooftop fan stopper. In it’s later incarnations it was packaged in a square shaped or rectangular bottle usually but no always a splash bottle. It came in spray atomizer form and in smaller shaped miniature dab on bottles.

Vintage Jewelry Signed by Napier

These wonderful old ads illustrate how jewelry was worn, when it was made, and how it coordinated with the styles of the time. Many of these ads were shared courtesy of Julie Scarlett, who sells vintage ads under the seller name papercharm on ebay. An added thanks to Pat Seal, who was the source of the dates for many of them. Click on each picture for a larger view.

Coro Jewelry, CoroCraft Jewelry. Early Coro jewelry, (as early as ), is marked “CR”, (stands for Emanuel Cohn and Gerald Rosenberg.) Coro production ceased in , except for Coro, Inc, in Canada, which was still operational in

Cleaning Your Jewelry and Resources Steps for cleaning your vintage costume jewelry followed with Resources The tools I like to use to clean costume jewelry are: See below for a more aggressive cleaning if the gentler method is not enough. The safest route is the driest method. Start with the dry baby toothbrush to brush the piece off. If the face of the rhinestones have fingerprints, or smudges, use a cotton-tip swab with a bit of solution on the tip.

I use a very mild solution of ivory liquid soap in water. Just gently work the top of the rhinestones or glass. The biggest enemy to foiled rhinestones is moisture. If you soak the rhinestones, the foiling may become damaged, leaving your rhinestones “dead” or, if they are glued it may dissolve the glue.

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Do you recognize the style as belonging to a particular period or limited to that period? Would it have a special use or be appropriate for certain fashions of the day? Are the stones a color that was really popular or significant in that era?

Here you will find your favorite vintage signed jewelry; Coro, Eisenberg, Emmons – Coventry, Haskell, Hobé, Trifari, Weiss Just click on the name of your choice and enjoy!

Enjoy the beautiful craftsmanship and true art form of these vintage jewelry pieces. You will find fabulous Designer and unsigned pieces in my shop dating back from ‘s through to the ‘s and be able to build up a jewelry collection that simply complements your own wardrobe or you can alternatively collect pieces from a particular period or designer. Some people collect just one type of jewelry such as brooches and pins, some collect a specific designer, like Haskell or Trifari.

The Vintage jewelry pieces I have collected and bought are sorted through and examined thoroughly before they are put up for sale. I only sell items that are in good to excellent condition. I only sell pieces that I myself would purchase and take home for my own collection. I take pride in keeping prices reasonable and affordable.

Each and every item is packaged separately and carefully to make sure that the jewelry arrives safely to your home. I do not charge handling fee’s. The cost to you is the cost of shipping only. Please remember vintage Bling is not new, most vintage jewelry will show some signs of wear that is appropriate with its age.

Vintage Costume Brooches

I have not seen this piece before but I think it may be an unsigned Calvaire. Some peeling enamel but overall very good condition. Slight bit of wear on the enamel.

Item # COROBLPRSTBBR5 $ Vintage ‘s Coro Rhinestone Flower Basket Brooch: In the ‘s, Coro made a number of variations on the basket brooch, each more fabulous than the last! This gold plated version features an open work basket with a .

Home tonight with the flu, however, I decided to give it a go. This will be part one, and hopefully, I should have parts two and three from what I already own, and, maybe get lucky at the flea market again this year to even post parts four and five in the future! Please excuse any “foggy head” typos as I muck my way through this with a fever From September Glamour – Accessocraft Fluted Beads From Glamour – Castlecliff Cachelettes I have posted all of these photos quite large so that you can click on them, then click again to zoom in for details.

I’m sort of exhausted, so snapped photos instead of scanning which in hindsight I may do for future posts. If you need me to replace anything with a scan drop me a note and I will try and help you out once I am well again. Sometimes only one piece of a set like the one above from Richelieu was marked, so, you may find just the unmarked piece without a mate and have difficulty identifying it unless you find it in a print ad.

Also, they are just useful to reference as the styles of the jewelry and treatments of one maker can often help you identify a trend or style to help date a piece from another maker. For instance, the brushed metallic surfaces shown by Trifari above were also commonly used by other costume jewelry makers in the late ‘s as well.

Carroll published through Collector Books. She has fabulous photos, details, reprinted advertisements and history of styles, manufacturers, trends and more. On-line, there are some great resources including this fantastic resource from Illusion Jewels with regard to identifying marks. If you need to research a jewelry patent, try this great site. If you are interested in collecting Delizza and Elster or Juliana Jewelry, this site has all the resources you will need!

Coro Fashion

A rare Hand Made necklace in Sterling, reminiscent of Bluebells. Marked xxand Barclay, Sterling on applied ovals. Oversized resin beads in simulated Amethysts Quartz with faceted Amethysts glass crystals and black and Amethyst faceted glass crystal discs. Donatella took the reins of the company in , and continued the collaborations with the World’s top Fashion Designers such as Valentino, Versace, Armani, Lacroix, and Fendi. Marked Pellini on a Silver bead by the clasp.

Oct 18,  · Vintage Jewelry Workshop – Part I. Discussion in ‘Vintage Jewelry by Linn’ started by Linn, Oct 18, Another wonderful resource for all sorts of information about dating and a great treasury of vintage jewelry ads is: a bracelet, or a double clip brooch (called a Duette by Coro) with a patent number on it. This patent is a “utility.

This album covers research being done to ascertain whether this is a pendant made by Reinhold Vasters, as well as whether the mostly matching pendant from two Parke Bernet auctions is the same pendant or a “twin. Some genuine pieces had survived, but the limited supply of genuine Renaissance jewelry could not keep up with 19th century demand. In the last thirty years or so, jewelry and silver historians have begun to realise the sheer number of pieces made in the latter part of the 19th Century in the Renaissance style.

The discovery, in the Victoria and Albert Museum library, of some 1, designs for jewelry and the mountings of hardstone by the goldsmith, Reinhold Vasters of Aachen, has revolutionised our thinking on the subject. Reinhold Vasters was born near Aachen and entered his mark as a goldsmith in that city in He was very shortly thereafter appointed restorer at the Aachen Cathedral Treasury. His early work seems to have concentrated on church silver which he marked, very straight-forwardly, R.

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Coro-Corocraft-Francois-Vendome-Coro Duettes In business from around the turn of the 20th century until the late ‘s, Coro was one of the most, if not the most, prolific costume jewelry companies of all time. The name Coro came from a contraction of the first two letters of the last names of the original owners, Cohn and Rosenberger.

Operating under many different names, the above mentioned Coro, Corocraft, Francois and Vendome are the most well-known, with Vendome, Corocraft and Coro Duettes being the most sought after. Ranging from low to high price points, the best that this company had to offer rivals almost any other high end manufacturer. During the height of the Great Depression, this company was so successful that they built a new manufacturing facility in Providence, RI, and almost all of the work was done “in-house”.

Vintage jewelry patents are a wonderful way to date vintage jewelry that was created prior to The documents provide illustrations (which are works of art in themselves), and filing and issue dates.

Not until , did the company name Coro, a contraction of the first two letters of each partner’s last name, change to Coro, Inc. But Cohn and Rosenberger were not designers of jewelry. They may have had their own ideas of what they envisioned and how they wanted to sell their jewelry but they did not individually or together design any of it; they found professional jewelry designers for this work.

Adolph Katz, a name well known to Coro collectors because of the many design and mechanism patents he filed, and certainly well known to all who did business with Coro, was, however, not a jewelry designer. In several reference works, Adoph Katz has been listed as a Coro designer but Liz has it on good authority that he did not do any design work.

It was assumed by the writers of these books that he was the designer because he signed his name on the patent applications. However, from on, he was the man in charge of selecting the designs Coro would manufacture, commission to be manufactured, and sell. Adolph Katz choose the designs from a large pool of designers, many of whom went on to become known by their own names in their own or other companies.

Other designs were picked from portfolio drawings sold by unknown artists. Francois was one such designer who joined Coro with his floral brooch designs in A special introductory advertisement featured his first line for Coro.

trifari vintage jewelry

The show was a great success and contributed to the preservation of couture in France. The collection was restored in and went on a second tour in the early ‘s. I was fortunate to see it in the early ’90’s.

Including the excellent book by Marcia Brown Coro Jewelry: Hollywood, TLM and many others, so you will find the history, cleaning and dating vintage jewellery blogs. I show catalogues and review books on vintage jewelry. In fact I have to all about unique and unusual jewellery. Sue.

This company produced high quality brooches, necklaces, bracelets, dress clips, earrings, tiaras, hair clips, etc. The Nemo mark was first used in The quality of the jewelry they made ranged from very good to above average. They made much of their jewelry in the ‘s and the quality was lacking in the lower end of their carded jewelry. They did make some well designed and above average costume jewelry. The Richelieu line of jewelry would rank with some of the best manufactures.

These marks may appear on jewelry made by Lisner over a period of 55 plus years and it is not possible to date a item by the mark alone. Molds and findings were kept and stamping dies were rarely disposed of and there fore they were used again and again at later dates. Mazer Company was a high-quality costume jewelry company founded in in New York.

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Here you will find history information on the well-known brand, as well as photographs of the various Monet signatures that have been used over the years that will help you date your pieces and ensure their authenticity. Dating can sometimes prove difficult and people can be misinformed with the information that where the copywriter symbol is absent from a piece it will date it pre , however there are many pieces that look to have been produced in the s and possibly late s?

A full listing of the pieces used in the photos displayed throughout this page can be found at the bottom of the page.

Dating vintage jewelry is the schoyen collection of time. Examining a pin stems and modern woman of the s as a particular type of clasp: raised stamped signature used on it and accessories. Sjta atlanta jewelry, inventions, has an altered back.

Find and Use them to Date Vintage Jewelry Introduction to Jewelry Patents At one time, jewelry designs could not be copyrighted, so jewelry manufacturers protected their investment in their designs using patents. Once the patent was approved, companies could then stamp the patent number on the jewelry. In some cases, a design was patented, but the jewelry may not have a patent stamp, as in this lovely Coro brooch. Coro Pegasus Egg Basket Faux Moonstones Brooch patented in Beginning in , jewelry designs were allowed to be copyrighted, and jewelry companies could simply stamp their jewelry with the copyright symbol to protect the designs.

Jewelry patents then ceased, because the patents were no longer needed. Vintage jewelry patents are a wonderful way to date vintage jewelry that was created prior to The documents provide illustrations which are works of art in themselves , and filing and issue dates.

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