Mar 6, I know a lot of the more experienced anglers moan when they pick up magazines and browse through websites only to see regular rig building features, but the fact remains that for both the monthly magazines and certainly for WSF, the most read articles and the most frequently asked questions are what rigs to use, when to use them and how to build them. Besides, there are so many variants on common rigs now that we can all learn something from time to time. A recent question asked very simply, what was my favourite beach rig and the one I most commonly use? Not easy to answer for me being a full all rounder with literally scores of different rigs in my rig wallet to cover all the different situations and species I encounter. It is also one of the least used rigs by anglers elsewhere yet, is my most effective for general species. These are universal clips mainly made for holding longer hook snoods in place when clipping down. These have a ring at one end and a dog leg clip at the other. They are also small in comparison to standard bait clips.

2 hook clipped up rig

The weather is very settled for the time of year so we are getting out ok and with plenty of good bait available we are always in with a good chance of a great catch as can be seen below with a fine haul of Skate to 10lb. Always a chance of a Cod so plenty of chances for good fishing throughout the winter. We would like to wish all of you a very merry Xmas and a happy new year and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Tight lines Bob 11th October Autumn is here with the nights drawing in, a chill in the air and some nice size Whiting now being landed. A few Cod are turning up in the nets along with the odd fish being landed by anglers.

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I suspect they’re available in many spots along Buzzards Bay, but tradition says southside here on the Cape and that’s where folks first start sniffing and, therefore, taste success. The area known as Bryant’s Farm on Sandwich Road has been popular; some folks refer to this as the driving range area on Rtes.

You’ll need almost a full tide since there isn’t a lot of water there most of the time; for the Weweantic, you want a high outgoing at dawn and dusk. Mike did mention that time of day doesn’t seem quite as important at the moment with the fish hungry and active even in the daylight hours right now; give them some time, though, and be assured that Mr. Bass will go back to their nocturnal and low light ways.

Most of the fish Mike has seen have been 16 to 20 inches, but there have been some in the mid inch range which is making things exciting. Intermediate lines will serve you well and small Clousers in chartreuse and olive have been most productive. Buttermilk Bay also has it’s share of schoolies, according to Mike Johnson at Red Top, with early morning a very effective time.

White flies are popular thereabouts and scout out some of the flats where the water drops off; those are your best bets. The Narrows have been OK, but don’t limit yourself when scouting out this area.

Mustad Keel Hook

I took a swim off the kayak. That was intentional though. The Old Man and I launched at about 4: We timed it to catch the end of the outgoing tide and it pulled us into a glass-calm bay. It was truly an eerie, surreal environment. There was absolutely no wind, a light fog and overcast skies.

I had liked him for a little while and was really happy about having a boyfriend during Schoolies because I didn’t want to hook up with randoms. His apartment was close to mine and I couldn’t wait to hang out with him without my parents checking up on me.

The big cows are landed a little later and are most plentiful in the fall. Striped bass usually hang around until late September then migrate south for another season. Although, some oldtimers have told stories of catching stripers through the ice in Great Bay. A wide variety of natural baits are used including sea worms, live eels, mackerel, pollock and cut bait. Most any artificial lure which mimics what bass are feeding on will usually raise fish including poppers, swimmers and flys.

At times, a pod of feeding bass will hit anything thrown their way! Fishing at night is the best be it from a boat, dock, bridge, jetty or beach. The Piscataqua River is primarily a live bait fishery because of its depth, although fly fishing is very popular for taking bass. Trophy sized fish of 40″ and greater are taken with both angling methods. Striper Tips Top I’ve found that it is a hit and miss situation when trying to find striped bass, forget about catching them! To be successful at striper fishing you must experiment and go often, unless you live on a channel where you can just toss out a fish head and sit back and relax.

My guess is you’ll probably out fish the guy who is running up and down the river like a crazed wild man by just sitting on the dock, but what fun is that? Below you will find several techniques I use to catch striped bass Its simple and effective on a low budget.

The schoolies night in Thailand that turned into a nightmare for young Australian

Contact Barbel Fishing on the Trent Twin rods point skywards, silhouetted against a setting sun. Earlier I spent ages setting my trap. A gallon of hemp and mixed pellets was introduced along with a kilo of boilies into an area perhaps four or five yards square. It was a chub that found the bait first, as always, a succession of savage raps on the rod tips with no hook-ups materialising, even against 4oz feeders. How do they get away with it so easily?

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Notes from the Tackle Room: Devil’s Bridge

We are having a good time drinking a few beers throughout the day and the later it gets, the more crazy it gets. Eventually I’m near blackout and all I can really remember is being behind the pool with this girl I was friends with, eating her out. In my drunken state I could have sworn that it was dark enough behind there but when I awoke the next day, my father assured me it wasn’t.

Fishing live or cut bait in the shallows is another way to hook up large bass. Fishing with a balloon attached to you line simply takes place of those old-time plastic bobbers. The key is to anchor and have the wind or current positioned so it pushes the bait away from the boat and towards the target area.

I am not very good at waiting, especially waiting for the Stripers to show up. So I have a few choices; I can run south and fish, I will try, but its hard to find the time. I can wait, we covered that option, or I can fish for the ones that have hung out all winter and the early arrivals. I do wait for things to heat up a bit and let the fish get a little active.

Sitting all winter on the bottom saying “whose idea to stay was this anyway? Most of the places I mention below will have fish showing up soon.

Schoolies Airlie Beach

Fluke on the Fly: More Than Just Bycatch I was done by 3 p. Made dinner for the boys.

They were mostly dink schoolies however I mixed my baits up (swim jig, 1/2oz Red Eye Shad, and a swim bait) and covered the whole of the area pretty thoroughly and ended up losing a .

In addition, the longer rod will enable you to lift your line higher and clear close in breakers, which means less false bites caused by interference from other waves. Since distance casting may be necessary from time to time, a shock leader is a must — the rule of thumb being 10lb breaking strain per oz of lead minimum. Waders — Being able to enter the water makes easier to cast out to where you want to be with more delicate baits, successfully fish for and land Bass, and MUCH easier on the fish both when you land it and return it.

Hookwise, Kamasan B s are sharp as balls, perfect for presenting the bigger worm and cocktail baits and are strong enough to deal with a hard hitting Bass. Longer snoods will allow an otherwise stationary dead bait, such as a sandeel or crab, to move around for a more convincing appearance. In rougher conditions, stronger tides or bigger surf, gripper leads will enable you to keep your tackle in position whilst still maintaining a taught line to detect bites.

In calmer seas and more gentle surf, use a weight that will move with the water, this way your tackle and bait will naturally find the deeper gulleys and likely holding areas for food and therefore Bass.

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