This is a heinous statement as I was 14 in ]. The dramatic 90s trance beat that underscored the high tech, choppy opening sequence gave me a feeling I would only come to recognise again years later, high on ecstasy. It was exciting; dangerous even. How would these adults survive in this post-millennium hot house? Will this spark an era of privacy invasion? Will they do kisses on the lips?

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By crocodiles were hunted close to exctinction for their skins and their numbers had dwindled to about but nowadays they are protected and the croc population now believed to exceed 75, Ironically enough their protection was not a result of environmental awareness but people were being worried the might disappear as a resource. Nowadays there is no danger of extinction as their numbers have increased dramatically to the point where many people are calling for them to be culled to get the numbers down as they now often stray into territory close to people.

In Territory Parks and Wildlife officers caught crocodiles ranging from 2. Although crocodiles are protected are killed annually in the territory by licensed hunters for their skins and in March a delegation of Aborigines, politicians and tourism experts from the Northern Territory headed to Canberra to argue the case for Australia to re-introduce big-game safaris targeting the deadly saltwater crocodile, if succcesful this would see 25 of the area’s largest “trophy” crocs hunted every year.

Nowadays there is a thriving crocodile industry, they are farmed very successfully in farms that maintain small breeding populations, and raise the hatchlings until they reach around a meter in length.

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Here was a problem. Any food they sent to the fighting men had to be carried in the ships of the Merchant Navy. Most of these were lucky to maintain a speed of ten knots Most had no refrigerated facilities, so any food sent had to be able to remain edible after periods in excess of two months. A body of women came up with the answer – a biscuit with all the nutritional value possible.

The basis was a Scottish recipe using rolled oats. These oats were used extensively in Scotland, especially for a heavy porridge that helped counteract the extremely cold climate. The ingredients they used were: All these items did not readily spoil.

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As a result, we miss a lot. See this example , too. The directing of our attention is situationally specific, so we learn to adapt our seeing to differing circumstances. When engaged in a conversation with friends at a bar, we hear different things than when we momentarily turn our focus to the band across the room. In all these cases, we miss seeing, hearing, and feeling different things, too.

We can imagine that sensation is culturally specific, too, such that people familiar with different cultures literally sense the world differently. Studies comparing the cognition of people from East Asia and America — communal and individualistic societies, respectively — find that Americans looking at a picture tend to focus on a central object, whereas East Asians pay attention to the relationships between objects.

In one study, Japanese and American citizens were shown an underwater scene, like this: Photo by mycatkins , flickr creative commons. So, the question is, what are you missing?

Report gives net free zones big tick, more fish being caught

TAS Up to five new fish species are among a haul of thousands of fish collected from the dark depths of Australia’s eastern abyss. Scientists on board the research ship Investigator collected 42, fish and invertebrate specimens from ocean depths of up to 4, metres during a voyage last year. Among their most interesting findings was the rediscovery of the “faceless” fish, as well as blob fish, bioluminescent cookie-cutter sharks and the lizard fish.

Consumer complaints and reviews about Big Fish Games in Seattle. unauthorised payments. Unauthorized Charges. Australia. Add a Comment. Contact information: Every transaction is $ AUD and there are payments dating back to As much as I would like to recoup those losses, I know it is unlikely since I didn’t notice, but I do.

By Josh Gabbatiss 8 February Australia’s wildlife is unique. The vast majority of the animals that live there are not found anywhere else — and things were no different 1 million years ago during the Pleistocene: Before humanity became Earth’s undisputed superpower, giant beasts of all shapes and sizes dominated every continent, from the mammoths of Siberia to the ground sloths of South America. In typical Antipodean fashion, the Pleistocene mammals of Australia were different.

On most of the continents it is placental mammals that dominate, but Australia was and still is the heartland of the marsupials. Australia’s Pleistocene marsupials were closely related to the pouched, fluffy creatures that still hop and scurry around the outback today. But some of them could grow to the size of small cars, or possessed teeth longer than knife blades.

These monster marsupials were not the only giants. Their numbers were swelled by 5m-long lizards, half-tonne birds and giant, dinosaur-like tortoises. The result was a truly nightmarish biological assemblage. None of these animals survive today — although exactly why that’s the case is a mystery. Humans, with their advanced hunting techniques and use of fire to modify the landscape , may have played a central role in the megafauna’s disappearance , but this idea is still a matter of heated debate.

Even if we cannot be sure that the arrival of Australian Aboriginals on the continent had catastrophic effects on its native animals, it seems that the animals had a rather spiritual effect on the humans.

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Below is a collection of amazing Australian signs. If you see any more amazing signs on your travels in Australia, make sure you send us a pic! Bar rules Beware of cassowaries! It looks like even the local council has a sense of humour as this graffiti has been in place for several years now and is a popular photo stop for tourists.

They have discovered a faceless fish and blob fish, and now scientists are naming new species retrieved from Australia’s eastern abyss.

A large goldfish held by Stephen Beatty. Researchers from the Centre of Fish and Fisheries at Murdoch University have been trying to control goldfish for 12 years in the Vasse River, located in the southwest of Western Australia. Greenland sharks could be the world’s longest-living vertebrates An invasive species, the goldfish is causing havoc for native fish and its surrounding ecosystem, which is why Stephen Beatty and his fellow researchers spent a year studying the little-known movement patterns of the goldfish in the wild.

The results of the study, now concluded, has been published in a paper in the journal, Ecology of Freshwater Fish. That’s all thanks to people letting them go in local waterways. They can do quite a lot of harm,” Beatty said. Goldfish are omnivores in the wild, and they can have destructive feeding habits. They deteriorate the quality of water by stirring up sediment on the bottom of river beds, dig up vegetation and also consume anything edible that comes before them — including native fish eggs.

On top of that, the goldfish compete for space and resources with native fish, and have been responsible for introducing disease.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Crayfish, boiled with potatoes and corn A pet crayfish, Procambarus clarkii in a freshwater aquarium Golden Crayfish Pendant, Chiriqui , Panama, c. Crayfish as food Crayfish are eaten worldwide. Like other edible crustaceans, only a small portion of the body of a crayfish is eaten. At crawfish boils or other meals where the entire body of the crayfish is presented, other portions, such as the claw meat, may be eaten.

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Email Efforts to protect rapidly declining freshwater fish populations may not be enough. Just a few hundred years ago, the world’s rivers and lakes teemed with gigantic fish. Freshwater fish were so plentiful that they were used to feed farm animals and fishermen found it hard not to make a catch, according to a new review of historical accounts.

Oceans get most of the attention when it comes to aquatic conservation. But the new study suggests that freshwater species have declined precipitously, too, and that conservation efforts aren’t aiming big enough when it comes to rivers, lakes and streams. The researchers didn’t crunch numbers or analyze data. Rather, they aimed to get a general picture of what lakes and rivers around the world used to look like.

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With interests in science, nature, and the paranormal, cryptid explores fringe topics from a unique and sometimes controversial perspective. Do large, predatory cats stalk the UK, Australia and other parts of the world? What Are Alien Big Cats? Alien Big Cats, or Phantom Cats, are animals like panthers, jaguars and tigers found in habitats where they don’t naturally live and should not exist. They are most closely associated with the UK and Britain, but these creatures have appeared in places like the United States, Australia and Denmark.

Unlike any other predator, large cats bring out a primitive fear in humans. They take us back to a time when we were just as often prey as hunter, stalked silently from the grass by saber-toothed tigers and other prehistoric beasts.

Spearfishing and Freediving in Australia 2