Rocsi is a tireless supporter of numerous charities including her own RocStar Foundation, which raises money to build and refurbish schools devastated by Hurricane Katrina in her native New Orleans. When not working in broadcast and focusing on her philanthropic interests, Rocsi indulges in her love of travel, visiting countries all across the globe. People always assume that just because Natalie is pretty and fit, she hasn’t suffered her fair share of hardships – which couldn’t be further from the truth. At age two, she was mauled by a dog and had to suffer through multiple painful surgeries and teasing throughout her childhood because of her scars. Her trust in relationships has also been sorely tested by her parents’ acrimonious divorce. Despite these setbacks, she went into her last serious relationship with an open heart, only to have it savagely broken. Fresh from the demise of her four-year relationship, Natalie remains optimistic about love but admits she has walls up as a result of her recent betrayal. Natalie hopes that when she strips away her clothing, her emotional defenses will go with it and she’ll meet the love of her life.

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SCORPION Sneak Peeks: Enter the Wingmen January 18, By Clarissa Leave a Comment Walter is taking his promise to branch out more seriously on the next episode of SCORPION when he signs up for speed dating and takes Cabe and Toby along as his wingmen.

Walter is falling from the sky without a parachute. Six hours earlier… The guys are sitting Indian style, meditating while Happy welds feet away. Cabe wants to know what is up with them. Paige and Tim come in. They are debating with the losing party responsible for dinner. Walter dismisses himself quickly. At his white board, he is tracking their movements so that he can avoid them. Toby thinks his approach is going to drive his crazy.

Paige shows up and the two hide in front of the board. Team Scorpion meets for their next job with Elliot leading the charge. Elliot needs the team to check the diagnostics of a rocket. Sly sees that a huge storm is coming and Walter is in the rocket working with his intercom off. Lightning struck the circuit that Walter was working on.


This is an action and drama TV series. Walter was asked to tackle some of the most dangerous situations of US, with some other genius people like him, for Homeland Security. He titled his team as Scorpion.

June 24, Disney Channel / Getty Images In honor of the premiere of Disney Channel’s newest series, Bizaardvark, tonight, we talked with the cast to learn about any hidden talents that they might sneak into the show!

The year-old serial killer is reportedly too ill to make the journey from California to Wyoming to be charged. Alcala was eventually connected to the Thornton murder through DNA testing. Rodney Alcala has been described as one of the most prolific serial killers to terrorize California. His first known crime was the brutal rape and beating of eight-year-old Tali Shapiro in Thanks to a series of trials, convictions, appeals, and retrials, Alcala has basically spent the years since behind bars.

His third trial, alleging the rape and murder of year-old Charlotte Lamb, year-old Georgia Wixted, year-old Jill Parenteau, year-old Jill Barcomb, and year-old Robin Samsoe, began in In , Alcala was sentenced to death for the third time. Rodney Alcala via Wikimedia Commons Authorities have always been sure of one thing: Alcala is believed to possibly have killed as many as people across the country, but authorities are still trying to get the evidence to connect him.

This week, those photos helped authorities add another name to his list:

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June 2, Below are all new and returning primetime shows expected to air during the television season beginning with the summer of Metascores, premiere dates, and renewal status will be updated daily throughout the season as necessary. Our TV Season Scorecard has launched! All future updates will be on that page.

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Sly then joins the team in trying to stop an organization of poachers that seriously injure a pregnant deer from a nearly-extinct species. Due to his phobias, Sly has a hard time dealing with the mother deer, but grows to greatly care for her, even naming her Jane after Jane Doe. At one point, Sly saves Jane’s life using a defibrillator and his antibacterial gel. Thanks to Scorpion, the poachers are captured and both mother and child survive. Edit While trying to find Cabe a decent lawyer, Sly has to deal with his new intern Patty Logan and the struggle to save the local Science Club.

Sly joins Scorpion in decommissioning a nuclear missile, but an accident nearly sets the missile off. In the end, Scorpion manages to disarm the missile safely and Sly finds a solution in the process to save the Science Club. Sly’s victory inspires him to become Cabe’s lawyer himself in his upcoming trial.

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Katharine McPhee as Paige Dineen serves as office manager for the team, and helps to ‘translate’ the real world for them, helping them interact with the people they meet. In turn, the team helps her understand her genius son, Ralph. His gambling addiction occasionally causes trouble for the team and him.

Days of our Lives has been tweaking its young adult cast for the past several months, and it looks like the NBC soap has found the right actor to take the teen set in a whole new direction.

Millennials and Generation Xers cast Meanwhile, Boomers and older voters represented fewer than half of all votes for the first time in decades. The shift has occurred as Millennials accounted for a growing share of the electorate and as those in the Silent and Greatest generations aged and died. Millennials those ages 18 to 35 in reported casting 34 million votes last November, a steep rise from the But, despite the larger size of the Millennial generation, the Millennial vote has yet to eclipse the Gen X vote, as It is likely, though not certain, that the size of the Millennial vote will surpass the Gen X vote in the presidential election.

The Millennial generation as a whole is larger than Gen X both in absolute size and in the number of birth years it spans. As a result, Millennials are likely to be the only adult generation whose number of eligible voters will appreciably increase in the coming years. In addition, while voter turnout is difficult to predict, the general pattern is that as a generation ages its turnout rate more closely matches that of the next older generation.

The ascendance of the Millennial vote is noteworthy because Millennials are more likely to be self-described independents, but they also are more Democratic than older generations in their political preferences. At the same time, Millennials lean to the Democratic Party to a much greater degree than other generations.

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With Upfronts going on in New York, networks are renewing shows, canceling shows, and ordering brand new shows, spinning the news cycle faster than a ‘roided up rodent on a hamster wheel. You can keep track of all the shows that have been renewed and canceled with our state-of-the-art list showing off the statuses of every show , but where can you find all the new shows that have been ordered? Check ’em out and follow the links for more information on each new series.

Ken — Ken Jeong Community’s Chang stars as a doctor in this multi-camera sitcom. The Catch — A fraud investigator becomes a victim of fraud herself.

Scorpion Spoilers – your source for the latest season 3 episode photos, guides, videos, rumors and other spoilers!

Adam Sandler as Count Dracula , the year-old owner and hotel manager of Hotel Transylvania, and Mavis’ over-protective father. Fran Drescher as Eunice , Frankenstein’s wife and Wanda’s best friend. Fly , Hotel Transylvania’s fitness coordinator who can also translate any speech. Brian Stack as the pilot of Jonathan’s airplane back to America.

Jackie Sandler as Martha, Dracula’s wife and Mavis’s mother who was killed by an angry mob when Mavis was young. Paul Brittain as a Zombie Plumber , as well as one of the Hydra heads. Robert Smigel as Fake Dracula, an attendee at a Transylvanian festival. Jonny Solomon also voices one of the Hydra heads. Jim Wise as a shrunken head that serves as a “Do Not Disturb” sign. Jim Wise also voices one of the Hydra heads. Craig Kellman as a guy who shouts in the crowd at the festival.

Craig Kellman also voices one of the Hydra heads.

Who Is Homeland Agent Tim Armstrong on ‘Scorpion’?

Having the age of 43, you will aim to know about the details that how many girlfriend relationships Brad Womack used to have! With this his current relationship status in ; that who he is dating now and is he married to any of them or till in wait of right partner. It was seen three years ago that he and AshLee Frazier were having a romance! Both of them had their first meeting in the city of Texas.

They too shared a picture on their social media account in which both of them have been hugging each other.

Actor and Rapper Kaalan Walker Accused in Series of Sex Assaults Dating Back to LAPD Chris Wolff, KTLA-TV, October 24, Kaalan R. Walker, an actor and rapper from Los Angeles, has been arrested in connection with a series of sexual assaults, police announced Wednesday as they asked for the public’s help in locating possible.

Edit Paige is working when her boss tells her to get her son to stop messing with the condiments. She tells her son to straighten them up because the owner is a very neat person. When Scorpion utilise the restaurant as a base to conduct research and hacking into the aircraft, Walter notices Paige, primarily her son Ralph, and notices his behavior.

She witnesses Walter and her son play chess, but doesn’t understand what they’re doing until Walter tells her that her son needs help and leaves. Ralph checkmates Sylvester, a grandmaster in chess, and Walter informs her that Ralph is a genius, not challenged, causing her to tear up. Later, when Walter begins to okay shooting down some of the planes because they don’t have a solution, he goes outside to try to calm down and think of a solution.

She goes outside and tells him that they have to save everyone, so he needs to get his head on straight and breathe. He then goes back inside comes up with a plan, but she has to drive him to the airport. She drives him to the airport with Happy turning all the lights green on the way. Once they reach LAX, Walter has one of the planes fly down next to the tower so that they can download the uncorrupted software.

Due to the speed difference between a flying plane and a motionless computer, it fails. He then hatches a plan:

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