Jimin does the laundry and takes out the garbage, Jungkook cleans the bedroom and bathroom, they do everything else together. How many children do they have: Biking around the Han River in the evening Their favorite place to be together: Treat each other out to dinner and maybe even spoil each other with gifts bc why not Where did they go for their honeymoon: A resort in the Bahamas! Where did they first meet:

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Jimin Favorite number is 3 3. Jimin favorite Color is Light Blue, black 4. Jimin Blood Type is A 5.

Jimin laughs at you, softly pleading for you to let him leave but you simply shake your head from side to side as you tighten your iron clad grip on him. “5 more minutes,” You murmur and Jimin .

Jangan me Repost cukup taruh Link saja. Tapi dia lolos dan baru sadar kalo dia satu-satunya perwakilan dari Daegu – V adalah member yang paling terkenal diantara Fans – V adalah member yang paling banyak makan – V punya kepribadian yang unik, makanya disebut ‘4D Alien’ – V tipe ‘Family-able’ , dia sering menyebut orang tuanya dalam beberapa kesempatan [Bangtan Wide News] V message ”Saranghae appa, eomma!!

Nanti kalau aku pulang buatkan aku Japchae dan Mandu king! Saat itu teman-temannya mulai meledek V yang adalah saingan dari Monyet. Dia menonton semua karya Hosada Mamoru. V punya kenangan dari lagu itu. Pas itu hujan, V berniat mengungkapkan perasaannya sama seorang cewek yang V suka lewat telepon, tapi cewek itu gak angkat-angkat telepon V. Kalau tidak sepenuhnya jenius ya sepenuhnya idiot.

Tapi kadang V punya ide yang benar-benar menarik dan mengejutkan kami”. Maksudku,bagaimana orang seperti dia ada di Dunia ini? Aku benar-benar berpikir yang dilakukannya cuma Akting. Dia orang yang benar-benar tidak biasa. Aku belum pernah melihat orang seperti Taehyung sebelumnya. Tapi sepertinya dia tidak memiliki Kesabaran.

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Since the Academy has awarded prizes to individual researchers in the South. These are conferred annually in eight scientific fields. Sudarshan, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Madras, India, for his fundamental contributions to the understanding of the weak nuclear force, in particular for his part in the formulation of the Universal V-A Theory of Sudarshan and Marshak.

Chemistry Salimuzzaman Siddiqi, H. Research Institute of Chemistry, Karachi, Pakistan, for his fundamental contributions in the chemistry of Rauwolfia alkaloids.

Who Is Your BTS Soulmate? Created by Translated by Soompi on August 1, Original Article by. Created by Translated by Soompi on August 1, Original Article by. en-US Iron Man. Step Up. Frozen. Pitch Perfect. Pride and Prejudice. Paranormal Activity. The Hunger Games.

You knew what his job meant. You knew he hurt people…that he killed people. But that was distant from you. At home, he smiled and joked, had wants and needs like any other man. It was hard to even imagine him hurting someone. It was so abstract.

Tickets for K Pop sensation BTS are offered for £12,000 just minutes after going on sale online

None of this means anything, it all means nothing to me. What could he possibly say. Jimin walked limply back to his dorm. In his right mind he would he was not in love with you, but there was something that made him feel like you were linked to him. You looked at your phone and smiled.

Hoseok Scenario: Part Of The Family. Request: I wanted to request a scenario where Hobi presents his girlfriend to the rest of the group (they’ve been going out for 7 months) but they got an extra surprise (y/n has a 2 year old son from a previous relationship, and the boy adore Hobi) Genre: Fluff.

He was the last to join the group and practiced dancing harder than anyone else. His sculpted abs are very popular among fans. He gets along well with all members but is especially nice to the youngest member Jungkook and devotes a lot of attention to him. According to Star News, BTS was chosen as the most expected idols of as a result of survey targeting the music professionals. He is considered one of the Korean idols of great promise. This rumor came from a manipulated video of the two together.

They look like being together in the image, however it turned out to be composite afterwards. So it ended up a groundless rumor. Though this gossip was unfounded, it appears to be true that he is a fan of the girl group at least. He also told in another variety show that he wants to get to be close with Red Velvet. When KARA members got asked in the show if they have any junior idols whom they are interested in, they all hesitated to reply at the moment.

She just showed an interest in him and has never been in a relationship with him. He wishes for a nice and charming girl with long hair and single-edged eyelid.

Hyun Bin and Kang Sora Break Up After One Year of Dating

The unique contestants frustrate the show host Yoo Min-sang. Im Woo-il A loan shark tries to bully the proprietress of a small business into paying back a loan, after turning up at her store every day for ten years, he becomes part of her and her son’s lives. On 21 December , Lee Ain appeared as a guest for Christmas special. On 8 March , Im Woo-il, the security guard from Stubborn skit, who used to work under Kwon Jae-kwan appeared in the corner. Kim Minkyeong, Jeong Seunghwan, Jeong Jimin Two neighbours who think about each other and is pulled together by their landlord.

• pairing: Jimin X female reader • genre: one shot of fluff and smut Jimin boyfriend AU! • word count: K • warning ; a lot of softness to make you uwu, slight dom Jimin, oral, dirty talk and.

He’s an excellent vocalist that still sounds amazing even without musical accompaniment. He can dance Not only is he one of the top three dancers in BTS and part of the dance line with J-Hope and Jimin, he’s also pretty good at girl group dances. He can rap He helped cover Rap Monster’s parts when the leader was unfortunately injured during some of their promotions. He’s also really good at editing films Like how does he find the time to become an expert at absolutely everything?

He can beatbox 7. He can compose songs and write lyrics. He’s often contributed to BTS’ lyrics and compositions, most recently with his self-produced song “Magic Shop”. Look at him leaving his competition in the dust. He can draw really well.


Filthy rich and hella attractive they deal with drugs, business deals and all sorts of suspicious activities. Monster is the mastermind of the operations, Suga is the cold intimidating force, Jin will lure you into a false sense of security with his handsome face and Hope will stab you while wearing a smile. How did Jungkook not know that his handosme Jin hyung who owns the fancy bakery downtown is also affiliated with these crimes?!?!

Jungkook thinks that Yoongi hyung is intimidating and attractive as hell with his all black attire and piercing gaze.

Facts about Kim Taehyung/V Opinion by Ieva posted hace más de un año. 1. V real name is Kim Taehyung. Jimin dicho V sometimes worse than the maknae (Jungkook). 8. He likes searching for good songs that not many people know about it. 9. V favourite color is Black, white, green The ideal is cute dating.

Jul 31 2: It’s not easy to play character with different emotion and personality. But as human NS? This roles is indeed challenging him as an actor. I love thr fact he has some passion to acting. If keep harworking, He will improve even more. And better producer and director will come after him. Jul 30 8: He really suit for bad guy..

Even can act innocence.. It’s such a hard to act two characters in one drama.. Yet he manage to deceive the audience. Keep forward kang joon..

[KSTYLE TV] Hollywood Hip-hop artists’ reaction to Unpretty Rapstar