As the residents of Los Santos know, the only thing more fun than crime is profit and should you choose to invest in this new business, some extremely shady customers are ready to pay top dollar for what you can deliver. Stay tuned for more on Gunrunning, including specific business and research opportunities, details on the massive tactical, full-service Mobile Operation Centers complete with new weapon upgrades and deep customization, all new Weaponized Vehicles and more. The update focuses on military business opportunities, where any player is able to purchase a Bunker and register as a VIP, CEO or MC Biker boss to begin arms trading missions, where research and manufacture is carried out on stolen or purchased supplies, before selling off the product for cash. The player is also able to purchase a Mobile Operations Center and conduct missions, modify vehicles and weapons, and store new vehicles inside it. Players can purchase a Bunker from the Maze Bank Foreclosures website. The Gunrunning Business is managed via the Disruption Logistics website on the laptop inside the Bunker, and allows players to Resupply and Sell the weapons generated by their Gunrunning Business.

The Gardner Heist: The True Story of the World’s Largest Unsolved Art Theft

Comments Shares It’s hard to say exactly where or when the battle royale genre started, but PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds certainly helped bring it to prominence. But since it debuted in late , the game has fallen a bit out of favor, with competitors like Fortnite usurping its place in pop culture consciousness. The official site begins with a strong acknowledgement of players’ frustrations:

Galaxy Heist is a space combat game with FPS elements that focuses on boarding other players’ ships. Players are split into player sub teams and put on a large flagship together. Players are split into player sub teams and put on a large flagship together.

Bain Chatter Do you get bored while waiting for the thermal drill to finish but are too comfortable to wear that clunky armor and do it loud? Did you ever wish you could hear more of Bain Honestly, who doesn’t? Then this mod will be perfect for you. While waiting around for that damn drill to finish or while shooting cops – I’m not judging , you can now ask questions to Bain via chat.

Certain words and phrases will trigger a vocal response from Bain that will be hearable by all players in your lobby “your” as in: You have to be the host. So go on, download the mod and find out what Bain has to say or be a party pooper and look through the code to find out! BangHUD This HUD addition lets you keep a focus on your health and armor status, by showing it additionally in the screen center, where your eyes likely are most of the time anyways.

To not actually block your vision, there are several options like transparency and exact positioning. You can also let it fade out by several conditions like “when armor is full”, “when armor and health is full”, “when in stealth” and so on. The fade out time can also be set, to keep it fancy.

GRAND THEFT AUTO V + Update – PC – RELOADED – Cracked Torrent

The series has come a long way, now offering fully mapped virtual cities, civilians that live their own lives, and enough guns and ammo to take a small country to war. Arguably the most successful GTA title was San Andreas, offering depths of customization and interaction never before seen in the franchise, the game even spawned a highly successful online player mod, SAMP.

Since then the series still remains popular but has never quite gripped gamers since GTA SA was released. Grand Theft Auto 4, by most accounts, was a great game but it was linear when compared to San Andreas and left many gamers confused as to why they removed so many of the features that made SA as good as it was. Rockstar fans around the world rejoiced as the game went on to sell 3, , copies in the first week across both systems! Of course, the PS4 accounted for most of those sales Sorry XBox with over two million of those copies being purchased for our glorious system.

The latest patch also added improvements to prevent crashes, improve the quality of matchmaking, and reduce the number of network connection issues as well as disconnections and split sessions. Previously, update was released.

Fixed in GTA V version 1. The Creator Prop limit has been increased from props to 20 dynamic props to props and 20 dynamic props. New item stars now appearing for various vehicle modifications. Fixed an issue that resulted in saved Races to appear in the My Jobs menu. Fixed an issue that caused the stuck vehicle to become stuck when setting a custom starting vehicle. Fixed an issue that resulted in being unable to place two checkpoints in a row.

Fixed an issue that resulted in two checkpoints clipping. Fixed an issue that resulted in being unable to rotate checkpoints. Fixed an incorrect image used on the Facility Heist Planning Board.

Grand Theft Auto V Update 1.43 Out Now, Read the Patch Notes

Edit Despite his intimidating appearance as one of the game’s largest villains , General Grievous cannot always be a tank and is known to be devious. Just as seen in Revenge of the Sith and The Clone Wars, when the odds are turned against Grievous, he will be quick to escape. This can be seen in his Claw Rush ability, where Grievous goes down on his four arms and two legs and rushes forward in a rapid motion. However, Grievous’s Claw Rush can also be used to knock down enemies, who can be further damaged when Grievous steps back up, kicking his two feet into the air.

This is especially useful against other heroes that Grievous faces off with. Nevertheless, General Grievous is still a menace to behold.

A Manhattan man who hired a “luxury” dating service to help him find love instead found a money pit, a lawsuit claims. The Washington, DC-based matchmaker Taylor Francois-Bodine says she helps.

Official site I don’t like fast zombies. Call me a Romero purist or just a contrarian, but I’ve always found sprinting “rage virus” zombies to be less fun and less scary than the classic, rotting animated corpses. Overkill’s long-awaited co-op shooter, The Walking Dead, gets the awful horror of slow zombies just right. Everything great about the game comes from Overkill’s devotion to the source material and to zombie horror in general. Unfortunately, this rendition of The Walking Dead does a lot of things wrong and, for many reasons, isn’t worth your time or money right now.

Overkill is pushing patches and fixes almost daily, but mission-breaking bugs and server communication problems are still wrecking the love I want to feel for this game. Fried gold The greatest enemy in The Walking Dead—besides, you know, the walking dead—is noise. Nothing floods the streets with zombies faster than a loud bang or a jukebox firing up a Queen track.

Every mission in The Walking Dead is a stealth mission, at least at the beginning. Structurally, this makes the game very similar to Overkill’s previous co-op shooters, Payday and Payday 2. In those games, heists start out quiet until an alarm gets triggered and the only way to get out alive is to go loud. The Walking Dead uses that same idea to great effect.

GTA V Crews

Players can also work cooperatively to complete missions and even band together to participate in various activities, including 2-player missions, full-blown player quests, and ambient events to compete in traditional game modes with the entire community. Players can also participate in tennis and gold, with the latter supporting up to 4 players. In addition, there are movies to watch at theatres, strip clubs and much much more.

Heists and Jobs Players have the option to recruit other players to join their heist missions. If you’re in need of some help within the heists then all you need to do is invite your friends via the in-game phone. Something new that Rockstar has implemented into the game is the ability to manipulate the reactions of AI.

General Grievous is a Dark Side villain for the Separatists in DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront II. He arrived on October 30, as part of the General Grievous Update. TBA.

It was released on August 13, for Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox via digital distribution and retail. All DLCs save the aforementioned one were delisted and made unpurchasable after this date. In March, Overkill began showing previews of the game to major gaming publications. Overkill has attempted to address complaints from the previous game.

The PC version is regularly updated, runs smoother and looks much better because of the larger studio and the bigger budget. The console versions, however, have not received the same amount of positive feedback, due to the lack of updates and support. Up to four players can cooperate in a heist. The base game featured 12 heists, some of which take place over multiple days and locations. Overkill has released new heists through free or paid DLC, bring the total number of unique heist locations to over For example, guards may have different patrol routes, safes and vaults may be in different locations, and the amount of cash and loot may be different.

Payday 2: Crimewave Edition

Gameplay[ edit ] Developed in tandem with Grand Theft Auto V, Grand Theft Auto Online was conceived as a separate experience to be played in a continually evolving world. Players can create their own crews and join up to five total. Crews win multiplayer matches to earn experience points and climb online leaderboards. The mute player-character online avatar arrives in Los Santos by plane and is picked up by Lamar Davis, who gives the character a gun and a car.

Aug 25,  · Payday 2 is a little rough around the edges, but as an online co-op experience it makes up for most of its flaws with a lot of team-based criminal fun.

Best Stealth Games Best Strategy Games Let’s get one important fact out of the way before we dive into the deep end of the pool: This is not a historical examination of the most groundbreaking PC games. Sure, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain redefines stealth-based action and Forza Horizon 3 is the definitive open-world racer, but they didn’t make it into this guide based purely on those metrics.

Simply put, this an ever-expanding collection of all-around excellent titles you should buy if you own a gaming desktop or laptop. To clarify, games don’t need to have been released in or even to qualify for this roundup. Any game that’s still available and still considered excellent when ranked against the best of today is eligible. We think that’s the most useful approach to helping you decide which video games deserve space on your PC’s hard drive, and which aren’t worth consideration even when their prices are cut by 85 percent during a Steam sale.

Gaming the System Compiling this guide was no small undertaking. PCMag’s in-house and freelance editors have played a ridiculous number of PC games over the years, so creating inclusion criteria was essential. Here’s what we came up with. To be included, a game must have been reviewed by PCMag, still be available for purchase, and received a rating of 3. The first requirement is to ensure that we can give you more insight into a game.

Episode List

Click to create and send a link using your email application A love of the finer things is one of the few ways a career criminal can celebrate success — something the high-end retailers of Rockford Hills and beyond know all too well. Part 2 of The Ill-Gotten Gains Update delivers desirable new vehicles, unforgiving new weapons and clothes to make you stand out in a crowd.

For the unconventional, the Coil Brawler is a luxury sports-styled off-roader with raised suspension and a horsepower engine that will muscle its way over any terrain.

PUBG breaks down the planned fixes and overhauls into five categories: client performance, server performance, anti-cheat, matchmaking, and bug fixes / quality of life issues.

I did this to try and get a snapshot of where this sprawling game is now, and where you think it should go next—just to start a broader conversation about the game, really, but also to learn more about what areas of the GTA players value the most, and which they feel could improve. GTA Online keeps racking up expansions and remains enormously popular on Steam, after all, and while I have my own thoughts on what I’d like from the future of GTA, I thought this would be an interesting experiment following our readers’ version of the PC Gamer Top The response was pretty great: It was possible to leave more than one response, but assuming only a few people would bother doing that, it’s not a bad cross-section of the audience GTA’s daily average during the last month is just over 54, on Steam alone, according to Steam Charts.

Each question required people to provide an answer, and they could select up to three for the two multiple choice questions about what you’d like to see the game do next and technical improvements. When you see the percentages for those answers, then, they won’t add up to —that’s the percentage of people who chose that answer, but they also had the option of selecting up to two others. For the question about Shark Cards and money, I only allowed one answer, so the percentage represents the amount of answers to the survey.

I’ve left the survey open so you can see the questions in full while digesting these results. Along the way, I’ll provide some commentary on what these answers might tell us. I love Los Santos and consider it the best open world ever created, but I do feel like I’ve seen every beach, highway and building a thousand times, which is inevitable.

Clearly a lot of people feel the same way. So what’s the answer? I like the idea of a new playing space in GTA, and rumours about new areas that haven’t come to anything have done the rounds for a while, now.

GRAND THEFT AUTO V + Update – PC – RELOADED – Cracked Torrent

May 05, , Not only do these men share a quest for love, they have something else in common: The suitors are among dozens of male and female cons who have posted personal profiles and photos on a matchmaking website with a twist. This site hooks up people on the inside with those on the outside. Which leads us to Bachelor No.

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Finally, DevBlog 7 is here! After long thoughts we’ve decided to switch back from Autodesk Scaleform to CEF, as it is much easier to develop cool interfaces on it. Chat has been changed as well, and now it is powered by HTML5 too and can be easily customized yeah, it’s semi-transparent on screens and non-transparent when new message appears or when it is opened: Now it’s more accurate, minimalistic, with bits of Material Design by Google: We’ve included some tools to work with DrawPoly, such as loading.

There tools can be used for creating GTA: SA-like pickup icons, as there are no such icons in GTA: Masterserver You may have noticed that serverlist on the screenshot with updated User Interface doesn’t look like a template. The data about servers is actual, as the masterserver has been launched recently. It is protected from the most of attacks and is very fast. New officially supported languages for scripting: