The old style registrations may just hold the answer. Give our cherished numbers super-search facility a go on our home page and see what it suggests. Then if it’s specifically a cherished number plate you require try the search options filter and select ‘Antique’. This will filter all the cherished plates from the standard new-style registrations. Whatever your name, we’re sure you’ll find something suitable amongst our wide range of available registrations. Most of the cherished number plates listed are owned by Motor Marks so we can offer a quicker transfer service. Just look down the list to find what you want and don’t despair if your name isn’t listed try hitting the ‘similar’ button and see what else the system suggests. We have many name personalised registration plates in stock or available to order. If you don’t see the number you’re after please do give us a call on and we will do our best to help you find a suitable cherished number plate.

The UK’s speeding fines explained

Motoring Parking in Europe? A London-based company has sparked outrage by pursuing British motorists for alleged offences in Europe. James Foxall reports By James Foxall But that’s happening to up to Britons a month, tracked to their home addresses for parking offences allegedly committed abroad.

R4V Number Plates – Cheap Car Number Plates & Cheap DVLA Personalised Cherished Car Registrations and Cheap Vehicle Registrations numbers. Cheap number plates are our speciality and we are the leading suppliers of Quality Cheap Number Plates and for buying and selling personalised car number plates and car registration marks.

If it is just for information I will require rubbings or photographs of the engine and frame numbers. This certificate cannot be used for obtaining an age related dating certificate. It can be used for display purposes though. Please include a large stamped self- addressed envelope. The certificate is A4 size therefore it cannot be folded down into a small envelope.

I would recommend a C5 envelope which allows a single fold to the certificate. If you are going to use the certificate for obtaining an age related registration The machine has to be road worthy and ready to use on the road. It is a bit more complicated. If the machine has only been refurbished or imported then a new standard dating letter can be used. This will be titled Vehicle Report. This will be provided in addition to the dating certificate.

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With the impending closure of all local DVLA offices it would appear that all registrations are now done through Swansea, so expect a week to 10 days for the turn around. Some other good news is that I am One of the few people that is allowed to issue age certificates to date a vehicle for an age related plate, with all the new people at the DVLA they are following the registration process to the letter and you have to apply to the original manufacturer for dating evidence or myself!

I have been authorised by the DVLA to date bikes for over 20 years, this has just been re-confirmed for current applications. Once the number has been issued you then follow the normal procedure using dating evidence or the original title to get an age related plate. However, whilst the local offices are in their death throws I suggest that you put your application into there and let them send the papers to Swansea, that way you will at least have a receipt to say that you handed all the correct paperwork in – Horror stories of lost paperwork en route to Swansea are already appearing.

Dating; AdChoices. Tax disc loophole leaves angry drivers facing massive fines “I’ve also got a further letter from the DVLA demanding an additional out-of-court settlement of £, and.

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Parking in Europe? Fine…

I wished to thanks in your time for this wonderful learn!! I positively enjoying each little little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you blog post. D, They allowed me only 30 Euro discount for paying promptly.

Mar 09,  · The Department of Transport is to look at allegations that the DVLA has been breaking the law in its treatment of off-road penalty notices, and that it is hiding behind “client privilege” to refuse to answer questions about its conduct.

There was some instruction that I may pay the fine using http: After spending more than half an hour on the DGT site with my credit card in hand, I was unable to pay the fine online. I spent hours searching for further information online, trawled through various posts on Spain Expats forum but nobody could tell me the procedure of how to pay Spanish driving fine from the UK. It is worth to mention that, I came across to some people on the Spanish Expats forums, offering me to pay the fine on my behalf, if I pay them an extra Euro.

So I decided to go solo and find a way to the fine before the deadline. My first step was to contact the Spanish Tourist Office in London. I spoke to a lovely lady Called Nuria Riutord Lleonart, she took my email address and told me she was going to send the instructions by email. It seemed, they get similar type of inquiries pretty often. The instruction email contained the following information — In order to pay the traffic notice that you have received the following steps may be followed.

The traffic authorities are reachable on the telephone number at the bottom of one of the traffic notice: Iban and Swift number, for its use to pay the fine in a bank. If you have further queries or want more clarification, we will be pleased to provide it.

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Services to Members More about what we do for members. The Club provides a number of services to its members, the most popular being the Triumph Motorcycle Dating Service, and the Club Archives. If you have an old Triumph motorcycle that has never been registered, or one that the DVLA do not have any records for, and you wish to retain the original or obtain an age-related registration number plate then you need this service.

Back in , the DVLA started computerising vehicle registrations.

Let it be said that Kawasaki UK are superb, just call them up with the frame and engine number, they confirm over the phone if they are the same pair that left the factory and then they sent you a nice headed letter with year of manufacture to present to DVLA with your MOT and tax money.

It is one of my very first transport photographs, taken during a family holiday at Flamborough. One attraction would no doubt have been the nice shiny coach on the right, new that year to Boddys. The other coach MWB belonged to H. Anfield also of Bridlington? I presume these would have been on half day tours from Bridlington? A most interesting picture from a very well loved area. Firstly, yes, Anfields were from Bridlington, and operated from very basic premises behind the Gas Showrooms adjacent to the railway level crossing in Quay Road.

The question as to whether the two coaches were on any kind of excursion from Bridlington is intriguing as the journey is only about four miles or so each way and could be accomplished by frequent service buses — perhaps the ultimate destination was Flamborough after a longer scenic ride beforehand?? I remember it from earlier days, about

No need for physical proof of posting documents to DVLA

What do the initials mean? RF60 or VE60 — the old style buff or green card log books phased out in the s when vehicle records were computerised. RF60 log books were still being issued several years after the Road Fund ceased to exist. Nowadays, the correct name for the amount payable for a tax disc is Vehicle Excise Duty. Those relating to vehicles generally start with V. V5 — original computerised vehicle registration document.

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No need for physical proof of posting documents to DVLA

By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Figures obtained by Guardian Money reveal that DVLA clampings have risen dramatically since October, when the agency did away with paper vehicle excise duty discs. Before the changes DVLA was clamping about 5, vehicles a month, but this has surged to more than 8, — with motorists horrified to discover their cars being towed away without even a warning letter from the agency.

In total, more than , vehicles are likely to be clamped this year compared with 60, the year before. While most motorists know that tax discs are no longer required, what is catching out many is that vehicle excise duty is automatically cancelled if a car changes ownership — even if there is a valid disc in the window.

dating certificate dvla. Dvla will issue a v5c registration certificate and give suzuki motorcycle dating certificate you onto retention at a later date; another number appropriate to the age of the vehicle if .

Posted on December 3, by Muckypaws The following article is my experience of recent major surgery within the modern-day NHS. Before going into my story, I would like to acknowledge there are some really good people working within the NHS but are heavily constrained or scared to make the necessary changes within. However, instead of putting it in plaster for 6 weeks, the repair work has already been done and the knee and bones are structurally sound.

Surgery Day On the day of surgery, I was wheeled down to theatre and met the team that would be working on me. With the aid of a Zimmer frame, I move to the edge of the bed and try to stand… Jaysus! I was given some physio exercises to perform and given a cryo-cuff an electronic bucket filled with ice water and a cuff that wrapped around the knee to help reduce the swelling.

My leg was twice the size of the other! Pain Relief Given the amount of pain I was on and clearly not working, the consultant referred me to the Acute Pain Relief team who added new meds and advised Oral Morphine to be available every two hours as needed. In reality receiving pain relief proved problematic, when asking for pain relief, it could take up to five hours before receiving it, in which time the pain intensified.

Cherished Number Plates

On my Matchless G3LS this is stamped into the top of the front down-tube. I initially, like many other people, mistook it to be the frame number. Actually it is just a casting or part number identifier from when the frame was made and hence is identical on many Matchless and AJS bikes, so beware! This is not your frame number! The number shown in the picture is stamped onto the frame of my Matchless G3LS on the front down-tube, just in front of tank next to the top engine bracket.

The circular loop cast into the frame on the left is the front side-car mounting.

Sep 28,  · DVLA not very helpful at all, they give you some written details of what you need to provide, which is written in some kind of jargon that would take a professor to work out, rather than just saying to you, ‘provide a Heritage Certificate or BMIHT Letter of dating.’.

Probably a long shot with their record but they should have a trail that can be found. Sometimes the efficient bod at DVLA wakes up. But courts are crazy places and its probably easier just contacting the CPS and giving them an earful. If they listen, you’ve saved yourself time. If they don’t, you get to at least show in court that you tried to explain they were wrong. I was never given a”producer” b: It may depend on what the ‘ticket’ is that you were issued with at the time in respect of producing the certificate, especially s.

I was wondering if it was failing to produce but you seemed certain it was no MOT. Not an area where I have expertise but would have thought that you would need to be given the “producer” form. I’ve had them in past, pink things if memory serves. But not sure if a verbal request is sufficient?? Why did you attend police station after the stop?

No need for physical proof of posting documents to DVLA

Post by Paul Dawkins on Jun 5, This proof should ideally be an old buff, or green, logbook. If neither is available then the following may also be considered at the discretion of the DVLA a pre tax disc or MOT certificate, or an extract from suitable approved archive records. If you can provide any of the above take the following steps.

Those of you who have bought or sold a car in the last few years might have noticed that the DVLA is encouraging drivers to report a change of ownership online, rather than by post.

These show clearly what Model Year any given vehicle falls into. All you are aiming to prove is the vehicle is pre How much pre makes no difference. It was actually built in late , but they don’t need to know that – it would just cause confusion. They were happy with my Workshop Manual evidence showing a Model Year chassis number and the vehicle is now eligible for both VED and MOT exemption, whereas previously it was neither. The issue is that an ex military Land Rover like mine was built in but not registered until after military service The log book does not have the date of manufacture stated on it lets face it up until recently it didnt matter, so long as it was pre for historic tax then the only evidence the DVLA will accept see letter from DVLA at top of thread is a copy of factory records or the extract from the Glass’s document.

I really dont think a copy from the manual will suffice, however time will tell Perhaps some of the confusion and delay with dealing with the DVLA some people dont provide them with the info they ask for and then whinge when the DVLA dont do what the applicant wanted I am however in my position as verification officer for the military Vehicle Trust trying to clarify what is required.

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