So, I found my first one at an antique store in Comfort, TX near where I lived … a 4 oz Evenflo glass bottle with the black ring and disc- perfect! It was the black ring and disc that were the hardest to find, as well as the vertical Evenflo name on one of the sides of the bottle. The local Salvation Army Thrift Store manager would see things come in and hold them for me I was in there many times a week- big entertainment in the small Texas town I was living in. That grew into wanting to get a bigger representation of how babies were fed over the many, many decades of bottle-feeding. Evenflo bottles- from the early Pyrex Evenflo bottles to the vintage translucent pastel plastic bottles. Nipples are always the biggest issue in getting a complete bottle, as latex deteriorates over time. Once I discovered eBay in , it was game on!

Pyrex® Glassware: Is it safe to use?

Zodiac about the pattern reference This main purpose of this picture guide is for quick Vintage Pyrex pattern identification. We will replace older pictures and patterns as better ones are obtained. For further clarifications check for Pyrex on Ebay. You can now view various subsets of the listed pyrex patterns. There are links with bullet points near the top of the page to facilitate this.

removed, is the preferred material for radiocarbon dating bone samples when preservation permits. The physically pretreated bone sample is broken into smaller particles, but not pulverized, to increase the surface area. The sample is treated with cold ºC, in Pyrex ampoules. Purification of CO2 The CO 2.

A fever is any body temperature elevation over The body maintains stability within this range by balancing the heat produced by the metabolism with the heat lost to the environment. The “thermostat” that controls this process is located in the hypothalamus, a small structure located deep within the brain. The nervous system constantly relays information about the body’s temperature to the thermostat, which in turn activates different physical responses designed to cool or warm the body, depending on the circumstances.

A fever occurs when the thermostat resets at a higher temperature, primarily in response to an infection. To reach the higher temperature, the body moves blood to the warmer interior, increases the metabolic rate, and induces shivering. The chills that often accompany a fever are caused by the movement of blood to the body’s core, leaving the surface and extremities cold. Once the higher temperature is achieved, the shivering and chills stop.

When the infection has been overcome or drugs such as aspirin or acetaminophen have been taken, the thermostat resets to normal and the body’s cooling mechanisms switch on: Fever is an important component of the immune response, though its role is not completely understood. Physicians believe that an elevated body temperature has several effects.

The immune system chemicals that react with the fever-inducing agent and trigger the resetting of the thermostat also increase the production of cells that fight off the invading bacteria or viruses.

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Additional links to images of similar bottles are also frequently included. The array of references used to support the conclusions and estimates found here – including the listed dating ranges – are noted. Additional information and estimates are based on the empirical observations of the author over 50 years of experience; a fact often but not always noted.

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The first radiocarbon measurements on bone were on naturally burned bone Arnold and Libby ; De Vries and Barendesen Soon after Libby Only two samples of whole bone had been measured at this time, and both gave young dates. More recently the context of one of the samples C initially thought to be from a Folsom level at Lubbock Lake, Texas has been placed in doubt Taylor Consequently, while there had been little work in this area , bone did not appear in Libby’s listing of suitable sample materials, though burned bone was ranked alongside charcoal at the top.

However, the obvious importance of bone to the chronology of many sites saw a continued interest in bone as a dating medium.

Pyrex® Glassware: Is it safe to use?

A retro-spective on Corning’s space-age glass ceramic material, Pyroceram cookware. Recipes are all fine and good; but once your done eating, it’s time to do the dishes. This post was actually spurred by one of my Salvation Army finds. Seriously, I always have to sit and contemplate what the equivalent standard measure is before I can visualize how much something holds This just happens to be the perfect size as are Grab-It bowls for making individual Pot Pies.

Which, since they are about 20 years old, is to be expected, but I am a stickler for bright, shiny, uber clean looking CorningWare.

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Antique Safes Vintage Corningware designs are still very affordable. They are readily available at thrift stores, garage sales and online very inexpensively. You can find some pieces for as little as 50 cents and very few will cost over 10 dollars. It can be confusing to identify the exact era an item was made because Corning has manufactured certain popular designs over a long period of time. Vintage Corningware Patterns Although Corningware is still in production, the term “vintage Corningware” refers to items that were made prior to Cornflower Blue The first design released, as well as the one produced in the most quantity, was the Cornflower Blue pattern.

This simple decoration featured three blue flowers on a simple white background and became the trademark pattern for over thirty years.

Vintage Corningware

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The following are standard types of glass, defined by the formula, method and genre. Most glass items are pressed into a mold and are called pressed glass. This involves pouring the molten glass into a mold which forms the shape and outsider design. Most pressed glass has a seam, which is a thin line along an edge. The mold can produce various designs, patterns and even a pattern mimicking hand cut glass.

Cut glass is is glass that has the outer design cut by hand or by machine. This is considered fancy and more expensive glass. Cut lead glass, containing lead, is called lead crystal or crystal and is considered high end glassware. It is used to make fancy bowels, wine glasses and crystal chandeliers. Cut glass will not have a seam, as it is usually hidden or was never there one. The cut of the outside will be sharper than pressed glass made to resemble cut glass.

Cut lead glass, or lead crystal, is very clear and heavy.

Hazel-Atlas Glass Company (1902-1964)

The name was sold off to a company that went bankrupt. Fern One more reason I will prize the old Pyrex baking dishes handed down from my grandmother. Brian Too This seems like a very plausible failure mode for a dish. Just imagine accidentally burning a casserole.

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She received it NIB and it came with a round rattan trivet! Pyrex designer Daisy 1 qt covered round casserole with Rattan Trivet. The side of the box reads: A beautiful and practical gift. A sparkling accent for any table. The bottom of the dish reads B.

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