From ancient regional mythology, most names of ancient gods and goddesses in this region come from local tribal lore, particularly in the North. Many of the deities are the same as eastern Germanic Deities: Wodan is Dutch for Odin , the god of war and leader of the Wild Hunt. The Wild Hunt was retold in Dutch with Wodan leading under different guises: Gait with his dogs; Derk with his dogs; Derk with his boar; the glowing horse; Henske with his dogs. In Dutch the days of the week are named for Germanic gods, a custom derived from parallel Roman practice. Note that the following days were named through Roman influence, because the Romans found them to be roughly equivalent to their Roman deities: However other ancient deities are Druidic , Celtic and Gallo-Roman in nature, particularly in the south and throughout Flanders: Finally some deities were regional or specific to one clan: Arduinna was the Celtic goddess of the Ardennes forest.

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That hits the target peftcerly. Singles ministry continues to be a struggle in most churches. I believe its spiritual warfare as the resources are out there to help churches start and grow their ministries. With over half of our country not married, we are not over half of the church. Also, a another needed prayer is in marriage preparation…I have found through my own work that

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Ultimately, God will reveal what is true in such matters and we must trust him for our answers. There is no correspondence whatever between archeological sites and cultures as revealed by scientific investigations and as recorded in the Book of Mormon, hence the book cannot be regarded as having any historical value from the standpoint of the aboriginal peoples of the New World. Roberts, Jr, Smithsonian Institution, “As long as Mormons generally are willing to be fooled by and pay for the uninformed, uncritical drivel about archaeology and the scriptures which predominates, the few L.

Sorenson, Brigham Young University, Overview: The Book of Mormon describes migrations of people from the Middle East to Central America, and further describes some features of their civilizations in the New World. If the Book is accurate, archaeologists would expect to find numerous pieces of hard evidence in Central America that confirm the presence of these societies: Some hard evidence has been found in the past.

However, they have all been subsequently shown to be pious forgeries. To date, no actual evidence to confirm the Book of Mormon has been found, although many LDS believers have faith that it will be uncovered in the future. A popular saying in the field of archaeology is that no evidence of existence is not evidence of non-existence. The second and third migrations occurred circa BCE , between the times of the Assyrian and Babylonian victories over the Israelites.

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Author of A Social and Religious History of the Jews It is history that provides the clue to an understanding of Judaism, for its primal affirmations appear in early historical narratives. Many contemporary scholars agree that although the biblical Old Testament tales report contemporary events and activities, they do so for essentially theological reasons. Such a distinction, however, would have been unacceptable to the authors, for their understanding of events was not superadded to but was contemporaneous with their experience or report of them.

For them, it was primarily within history that the divine presence was encountered. God’s presence was also experienced within the natural realm, but the more immediate or intimate disclosure occurred in human actions. Although other ancient communities saw a divine presence in history, this was taken up in its most consequent fashion within the ancient Israelite community and has remained, through many developments, the focus of its descendants’ religious affirmations.

Chakras into the west: Rama Prasad’s Nature’s Finer Forces – II. Posted by Phil Hine in History, Occult, tantra | November 14th | About poster. For this second post on the subject of Rama Prasad’s book Nature’s Finer Forces and its relevance to the development of contemporary discourses regarding chakras, kundalini and related subjects, I’m going to examine the.

Patrick 8 Comments ancient aryans Until recently the search for the Proto-Indo-European, or the Proto-Aryan homeland has taken on the same futility as the endless search for Atlantis. It has become the ever present thorn in the side of professional academics and amateurs alike. This forgotten citadel was ruled by the legendary King Yama. This ancient monarch ruled over the Aryans at a juncture in prehistory which the ancient Egyptians call Zep Tepi, or the First Time, some 10, years B.

C when the gods walked beside men, a golden age of fantastic wonders. According to the legend, there will come to pass a future age when the Aryans will reassert themselves and the gods will again return to Earth, and the ancient Aryans will become the center of world civilization. Just north of Kazakhstan, near the Ural Mountains of Russia, are ruins of an ancestral land of cities known as Arkaim.

For more than a century, scholars have made every effort to identify the original homeland of the Indo-Europeans, to decipher their protohistory, and to clarify the phases of their migrations.

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Christian or really Pagan? While such idealisation of Christianity can be expected from clerics and true believers in the faith, there have been other voices who see a European identity defined through Christianity as useful even if its not actually true. Even staunchly secular anti-clerical France has not been immune from pushing the importance of faith.

The Anglo-Saxon Archaeology Blog is concerned with news reports featuring Anglo-Saxon period archaeology. If you wish to see news reports for general European archaeology, please go to The Archaeology of Europe Weblog.

Background[ edit ] Viking [b] raids began in England in the late 8th century, primarily on monasteries. And then the reeve rode to the place, and would have driven them to the king’s town, because he knew not who they were: These were the first ships of Danishmen which sought the land of the English nation. Bertin also reported the incident, stating: They wielded power over the land at will.

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle has repeated references during his reign of victories won by ealdormen with the men of their shires. This model is now in Derby Museum. The historian Richard Abels suggested that this was to differentiate between the Viking war bands and those of military forces organised by the state or the crown.

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The Great Danish Army, known by the Anglo-Saxons as the Great Heathen Army (OE: mycel hæþen here), was a coalition of Norse warriors, originating from Denmark but possibly also including elements from Norway and Sweden, who came together under a unified command to invade the four Anglo-Saxon kingdoms that constituted England in AD Since the late 8th century, the Vikings had primarily.

Dating What does the Bible say about dating? What kind of person should you date? It’s in the Bible, II Timothy 2: Have faith and love, and enjoy the companionship of those who love the Lord and have pure hearts. It’s in the Bible, II Corinthians 6: How can light live with darkness? And what harmony can there be between Christ and the devil? How can a Christian be a partner with one who doesn’t believe?

It’s in the Bible, I Corinthians 5:

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The Resurgence of Paganism Read the article on one page Over the past two centuries, Europe has become increasingly secular. There is however evidence of a spiritual revival stirring on the continent where God is supposedly dead. For example, France and Eastern Europe appear to be in the midst of a Christian revival as the Catholic church seems to be re-emerging as a cultural and political force in France and some eastern European countries, particularly Hungary and Croatia.

This is also true of the native Protestant churches in those countries. Christianity is however not the only spiritual tradition experiencing a revival on the home soil of the Western, Slavic, and Byzantine civilizations.

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Archaeologists Fail to Use Sound Reasoning This story is one that has been repeated time and again throughout more than a century of excavation Biblical Archaeology in Does Biblical Archaeology Exist? It will come as news to Bible and Spade readers that, in fact, there is no Biblical Archaeology. Tags Support Like this artice? Our Ministry relies on the generosity of people like you.

Every small donation helps us develop and publish great articles. This article was published in the Spring issue of Bible and Spade. In , for example, The Los Angeles Times ran a front-page story reporting that a liberal rabbi in the Los Angeles area caused quite a stir when he shocked his congregation by stating he had his doubts that the Exodus ever took place.

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Bezeklik , 9th th century; although Albert von Le Coq assumed the blue-eyed , red-haired monk was a Tocharian , [41] modern scholarship has identified similar Caucasian figures of the same cave temple No. The Emperor Ashoka was a significant early Buddhist missioner. In the 3rd century BCE, Dharmaraksita —among others—was sent out by emperor Ashoka to proselytize[ citation needed ] the Buddhist tradition through the Indian Maurya Empire , but also into the Mediterranean as far as Greece.

Gradually, all India and the neighboring island of Ceylon were converted.

Hebrews Main Page. The Accession of Solomon. Judas Maccabaeus. The Final Dispersion. Great Jewish Revolt One. Great Jewish Revolt Two.

Ellicott’s Commentary for English Readers 4 We are buried with him. It is the seal set upon it, as it were, which shows that no revival is possible. Besides, it is the one step which separates it from resurrection. The idea of “buried with Christ” is therefore introduced, on the one hand, to show that the ethical death with Him was final and decisive, and on the other, to prepare the way for an ethical as well as physical resurrection with Him.

By the glory of the Father. The word “Glory” is here to be taken as standing for the sum of the divine perfections, power being included among them, “the Majesty on High. The resurrection of Christ, and the new life of the Christian, are compared instead of being identified.

Chakras into the west: Rama Prasad’s Nature’s Finer Forces – II

Blavatsky, in a letter to John Ransom Bridge September, wrote: Nor should members boast of, or pretend to have acquired psychic powers, and members were not permitted to be members of any other occult or mystical fraternity oriented towards training or study other than the Masons or Odd Fellows. In the first of his series of articles which appeared in The Theosophist November he opens his essay with the following sentence:

10 Extinct Animals Of The Last Years, List, This article explores the extinctions of the Carolina Parakeet, Haast’s Eagle, Elephant Birds, European Lion.

Andrews, in February , the Fifth St. As is usual with these St. Andrews Conferences speakers were drawn from different disciplines, for this is an early medieval topic where historical, archaeological and toponymic place-name sources have to be brought together and considered in an attempt to gain a better understanding of a subject which is poorly documented. The papers ranged over a wide area and discussed multifarious sources, covering the actual names themselves; archaeological excavations on Papa Stronsay Orkney , Papa Stour Shetland and Papey in Iceland: These papers were published as a book, which is still available.

Here was a topic of diverse proportions which needed to be researched further, and which needed a better understanding of the geographical parameters based around the place-name evidence, as a foundation for pursuing further work on the scientific, archaeological and toponymic material. The report published on this website A.

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I have come to enjoy all the articles by Patrick Chouinard. He is an excellent author and I found this story fascinating because I believe in the research over a long period of .

It will actually showcase a number of animals that have gone extinct over the last 15, years, and longer. The animals featured start out with relatively recent extinctions, such as the Carolina Parakeet, and the European Lion, and work their way back in time. As well as examples of convergent evolution, such as the American Cheetah.

Practically none of the old-growth forests of these earlier times, filled with truly massive trees in some areas, survives to this day. Their predilection for flocking, even around dead birds, seems to have made mass slaughter a relatively simple affair much of the time. Pet trade also likely played a minor role, as they were commonly kept as pets during some fad periods. Poultry disease from introduced livestock may have played a part as well.

Interestingly, this seems to have made the Carolina Parakeet itself poisonous, as noted by the naturalist John J Audubon — who observed that cats often died after eating them. Favored habitat for the species was in the old-growth forests that used to edge the rivers and swamps of much of the eastern, southern, and midwestern US.

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